Welcome to my website. I have been online for sometime now and come across many websites related to Internet Marketing. So i decided to pull together some of those marketing resources. I currently have a large database of Marketing related Links (over 1500) and growing, they can be found in our links Directory.(Offline)

In addition to this we have 4000+ Articles online. These articles have all been submitted by our visitors. If you would like to submit an article please feel free to by visiting our article submit page.

We also offer various free marketing tools such as a Metatag generator, Doorway page generator, Link popularity tool and I hope to add more great tools soon.


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26th Feb 2009: At current the Search function on our site seems to be broken, currently working to try and resolve the problem.. Sorry about this..

*Update* Ok, I cant seem to get the search function working , Somthing wrong with the indexing engine, So for now I have added Google for searching Until I can get a fix for my indexer.

25th Feb 2008: Ive been away for a while, well more than a while. Ive been to busy working on other projects over the last year and half to work on this site, I said before that i had been working on a new design for the site, i did finish that. Just havent had the time to upload it. At the moment any plans for this site are on hold.

30th Aug 2006: Well ive been working on a new design, almost finished the draft of it.. i tell you.. photoshop is pretty cool.. im new to photoshop but am getting to grips with it :) ..

Whats planned for the new design ? Well the main part is the article side of things. Although to be honest i dont know what.. currently there is over 4000 articles in the database.. i would really like to be able to organise them better.. also having a decent cms would be good but my php coding is poor.. lol.. as u can tell with the current cms.. its falling apart.. i hate it.. need to think of somthing..

Anyway.. just wanted to let you all know that somthing new was coming.. Ill keep you posted..

27th Aug 2006: Hey, Just a note to say.. some people online have been saying that marketingtroll is not accepting any more articles into our database.. Well this is not true.. It could be possible that thier articles were not accepted. But we are still accepting articles so do please continue to submit them. thanks.

11th Aug 2006: Hi all, How is everything going ? Well ive been offline for a while. But am hoping to be coming back soon. I noticed i have a few problems with some of my pages, mainly the article listing from the category page. I dont know what has happened with this but i will take a look and see what the page layout has went awol..

I have been working pretty hard on some sites for others, right now am working on claymore engraving which is an engraving company. Ive almost finished that one and hope to get that out the road and move on to working on my own projects again.

27 Sep 2005: I have add details for the featured link so feel free to click the (your link here) on the left and check it out. :) Also i changed the urls on the article side of things. They now seo safer.. so should index more in search engines!!

26 Sep 2005: Hello all.. Well first and foremost. Thanks all who have sent in their articles. WOW i got thousands of them! Although i do have to admit that i have not been keeping up to date with them. I have a feeling there may be some junk articles in there. So if you come across any articles that you think shouldn't be there by all mean feel free to send me the link to it and ill remove it

Ok that out the way.. I am hoping to get something done with the articles page. Having all those links at the end of the page isn't very elegant is it ? nope i didn't thinks so.. However i really don't have time right now to fix it.. and implement a category section although the database does contain needed info the page does have the code so.. ill get there some day! .. Unless you want to hack something up?? (in return for a perm link on the bottom of page!) Only kidding..

25 Sep 2005: Well i currently have quite a few visitors so i am going to implement the feature links item within the next week or so :-) Hope it will be of value to some of use out there ;)


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